Lenria Aerie Colm

A quiet, but powerful master Greatworks woman.


Long, brown hair which curls slightly at the end.
Skin: dusky
Type: lithe, very feminine.
Type: Calishite.
Eyes: Yellow
Quiet, but exudes authority.


Married to Ronny Colm.
Owns: Ronny’s Royals

Full-Class Greatwork and Half-Class Masterwork
Greatwork and Masterwork Equipment

Was introduced to Eranus Nothing and Jack “Cheshire Nothing” Squat while they were shopping at Ronny’s Royals. She said few words, but was calm and composed until Jack “Cheshire Nothing” Squat attempted in her husband’s voice at calling her “honey.” The hammer finally stopped, and he fled before she entered again.

Lenria Aerie Colm

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