Ailaina Ederfist

A wandering monk whose eschewed long periods of contact.


Dark-red skin.
Long, black hair.
Horns which curl inward once and then out.
Red eyes.


Has noticed Eranus Nothing giving her several side-long glances; and before his disappearance revealed she was flattered, but not ready for love.

During the 3 1/2 year absence of Eranus Nothing and Eranus Nothing, she took on a contract revolving around clearing a manor of a dangerous creature; and this creature resulted in serious injuries for the workers. After a week of trying to kill it, she found out it could speak when it uttered its name. The creature was Nocta Pulchra, whom was terribly hungry, scared, and torn.
Ailaina returned the contract, and using what sway she could rescinded it as well. As a result, Valis Uulavlealda traded the favor for her to build a school within Innetma. She agreed, but spent weeks at a time at the Nothing’s manor with Nocta. Once both Nothing’s returned, she removed her possessions and returned to Innetma with the others.
She has trained at least five adult students, and has several child students. She has been called the “Demon Master” for more than one reason.

Ailaina Ederfist

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