The Wander Lands

The Story so Far

Sessions 1-8 as remembered

Chesire Nothing and Eranus Nothing traveled to The Wander Lands in search of the vast treasure and magics reportedly found there. From the closest continent the journey by sea was three-weeks, and then a further two weeks by caravan after landing in order to reach the only established settlement, Innetma. From there, they accepted a request from Ofar Idellant to capture an unusual creature. They traveled north-east through forest and finally across a small river where the last sightings had led them. After taking several long minutes to examine the river, the crossed it and followed the river westward.
An hour later, they came across Kenkku drinking. A chorus of chirps, squawks, and fragments of speech then rang out; followed a series of sounds resembling: flap-flap-crunch, flap-flap-crunch!
Shortly afterwards, they traveled in the wood and came into contact with a single Kenkku, which they quickly dispatched. The sound attracted two more Kenkku who rushed to the scene, one tripped, but, as the last blow finished one atop a log was readying its bow.
Jack “Cheshire Nothing” Squat leapt upwards, catching it in close quarters and dealt a harsh strike; with a blood-smattering slash, the Kenkku laid at Death’s door, but was still prepared to fight.
Finally, the third Kenkku ran out from the Underbrush with its own bow nocked with an arrow.



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